Market Watch

This show entails informing the listener on market trends ranging from Stock Market, Currency Market, Foreign Exchange Rates, Etc, with analysis to analyze the What, Why, Where the markets through comparing and contrasting various stock exchange markets across the world.

Time: 12:00 pm To 1:00 pm

Presenter: Manny

World News

Time: 1:00 pm To 1:30 pm

Presenter: Rev Ken

The Economy

This program is used to access the economic activities of the Federal, States, and Local Government. Through the MDA’s. It promises to be an argumentative show with analysts and listeners contributing.

Time: 1:30 pm To 2:30 pm

Presenter: Manny 

Oil & Gas

An informative and slightly interactive programme on the Oil & Gas industry infused with the latest news and happenings in this sector of the economy. Also telling the news and stories of the Oil & Gas industry across the globe.

Time: 2:30 pm To 3:30 pm

Presenter: Manny

Health Business

This show treats health related issues and its economic value and how its benefit the listener with health specialist on ground to deliver proper health tips.

Time: 3:30 pm To 4:00 pm

Presenter: Manny

Beyond The Game

Time: 4:00 pm To 5:00 pm

Presenter: Oluwa Femi 

Traffic Update

This program allows the caller to inform other listeners and the presenter about about the traffic situation in the state. Plus flight schedule informations, transportation cost across the nation.

Time: 5:00 pm To 6:00 pm

Presenter: Many